Are you a dealer?

We are a licensed dealer in the State of Illinois. We can register and license plate your trailer purchase.

How long have you been in business?

We have been serving our customers for over 18 years with high quality affordable workmanship.

Do you charge for an estimate?

Unlike some of the other shops around, we do not charge to do an estimate on your trailer. Bring your trailer to our shop and we will give you a written estimate right away. If you are not in the area, we can do an estimate based off of pictures and email it to you.

Have all your trailers been repaired/damaged? Your business name is Refix

Mark and Joe started the business in 1998 just the two of them repairing semi trailers. They have built the business over the years. Some of our main customers are CN, Swift Transportation, Roehl, UPS, plus the customers we sell trailers to. We also have 4 mobile trucks besides the shop. About 6 years ago they started moving over to a more sales based business.

Do you offer financing?

We have a few brokers that we use. Depending on your credit score and how long you have been in business, we can pick the best broker for you. One of our brokers has an online application which takes about 5 minutes to fill out and no additional paperwork. We generally suggest if you have been with your bank for a few years that you try that first. Your bank can usually give you a better interest rate and it may be a little quicker. I can provide you with an invoice and a copy of the title to make the process go smoothly.

Where do you get your trailers from?

We buy trailers in several different ways from all over the United States. We have bought trailers from Insurance Companies that have been stolen that the customer did not want back. We have bought from auctions. We have bought from our customers that had overstock or just needed to sell some trailers. We go though each trailer completely, fixing anything that is broken or worn. We try to make the trailer look at new as possible.

Why are the trailer prices so different for the same year?

Trailers are very similar to cars. Each trailer has different options and the manufacturing cost is different. For example, this 2012 Utility for $22,500 has an aeroskirt, PSI System, vents and Composite interior whereas this other 2012 Utility for $20,000 has none of those extra items but is a Composite interior. Plywood trailers are a little cheaper than a Composite or a Duraplate. As far as manufacturing costs, a brand new Hyundai would be $28,500 but a new Wabash would be $27,500

Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices are always negotiable. We have different price points we have to stay around on different trailers depending on how much we purchased it for. Was there a price range you were looking to stay in? I can look at our inventory and see which trailers would be best for you.

What is included in the purchase price?

Included in the price is a DOT inspection, number decals and a limited warranty.

What are the differences between the trailers? What should I get?

Trailers are like cars. Everyone has a preference. What kind of trailer do you haul now? Do you like how it handles? Then I would suggest you stay with that Manufacturer. We can always let you test drive another manufacturer's trailer to see if you like it. It does make a difference on what product you haul. For example, if you haul electronics or fragile product you will need a Composite or Duraplate trailer with Air Ride suspension. We suggest that if you generally haul for one customer make sure what their requirements are. Do they require a trailer less than 10 years old? A Composite/Duraplate? Plywood? Air-Ride or Spring Suspension?

Can you customize a trailer?

We can customize trailers. Some of the examples of customizing are that we can shorten a trailer by height or length. Some of our customers have had us shorten their trailer to 13' high instead of 13" 6". We can add doors to the sides of the trailer. We can install brackets, racking, e-tracks and hooks. We have installed extra crossmembers under the trailer for customers that haul paper products. We can install lighing inside the trailer or extra lighting on the exterior. We can swap out an aluminum roof for a kemlite roof or a roll up door for swing doors.